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Critical Swim Speed CSS

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Details:The app allows you to quickly calculate your Critical Swim Speed (CSS) and store your results so that you can monitor your CSS training progress.
Features of the app:
- Record 400m and 200m swim times.- Automatically calculate your CSS results for all pool lengths.- Store and review your CSS results (double capacity of FREE version).- Ad Free
How to use CSS?
CSS is your estimated sustainable pace over 1500m based on your peak swim fitness. Incorporating your CSS swimming pace into your training and drill sets can dramatically improve your swim fitness. To take your CSS, time a 400m swim at maximum effort, when you are fully recovered time your 200m swim at maximum effort. Record the results in the app to find out your swimming pace over various distances and pool lengths.
Example swim sets in increasing difficulty:16 x 100m @ CSS pace (10s rest)8 x 200m @ CSS pace (20s rest)4 x 400m @ CSS pace (40s rest)2 x 800m @ CSS pace (60s rest)1x 1600m @ CSS pace.
CSS should be re-taken every 4-8 weeks to ensure that you are training at your potential.